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An Immigration Update – Bill O’Reilly’s Take

I’m a long time follower of Bill O’Reilly on Fox News and find his reporting usually to be in depth, factual, and concise. Recently he suggested that viewers check out his suggestions to solve the immigration crisis as found on his website, BillO’Reilly.com. I did that and found many of his suggestions to have some merit. Here is a sampler, mixed in with some of my own thoughts.

Much of the problem lies with the failure of President Obama to be preprared for this crisis. He has had five and one half years to get his act together on this as well as other problems and has done virtually nothing. Mexico itself is a primary issue. Tougher policing of that country’s northern and southern borders would be a first step. Increased surveillance by Mexican police and military forces on the southern borders would help to stem the flow of would be illegal immigrants from Central America on their way to the U.S.

The same steps should be taken to help secure Mexico’s northern border with this country. The U.S. should have sent national guard troops to the border long ago. Apparently the president is now moving in that direction. Also, the U.S. should send patrols by U.S. aircraft into Mexican airspace to target activity by cartels and smugglers.

The trouble with these steps is getting Mexico’s cooperation and that perceived difficulty, in my opinion, is because Mexico is still fighting the Mexican-American War, i.e., there is lingering great resentment towards the U.S. over how the war ended. Remember that in the Treaty of Gualdalupe-Hildago, signed in 1848, Mexico ceded to the U.S. huge amounts of territory which now comprise California, Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona and New Mexico, and parts of Colorado and Wyoming. But the threat of trade sanctions against Mexico would certainly get that country’s attention.

As concerns the illegals presently in the country, O’Reilly advocates having them register at the nearest post office within three months with name, address, and birth date. Failure to do so would be a felony, justifying deportation in and of itself if convicted by a special immigration court. Registration would result in the issuance of an ID card which would be used to apply for a work permit. Registrants unable to find work would be deported, as would be criminals, addicts, etc. Those desiring citizenship would have to get in line behind all others. Entitlements would be denied to illegal aliens although their children would be eligible to receive benefits. This is not amnesty but a vetting process. A hard working, honest individual should be able to find a place in this country but there is no guarantee.

Illegal immigration is a huge, complex issue and there are no easy answers. But these suggestions outlined here would be a productive start.

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A Common Sense Approach To Immigration Issues

I consider myself a political moderate, although some may disagree. That is to say, I usually avoid siding with the far right or the far left on given issues. Overall I try to walk the middle of the road. I do consider myself conservative when it comes to national defense matters. This may well be a carry over from the long past days I spent as a federal prosecutor. On the other hand I also favor pro choice on abortion, with some restrictions. So, it matters not to me how the media would label me, if the media cared. Thus, the views I express below reflect how I feel about immigration without regard to any label which may be affixed to me. I call my approach just being practical without regard to whether it would be called conservative or liberal.

The immigrants who are here, even if they got here illegally, should remain here because there is no practicable way these people can be deported. But this conclusion is subject to certain caveats.

First, those who are presently here must be, and remain, gainfully and legally employed and pay their taxes. Second, no one can stay who has a criminal background. Third, all who stay must undertake to become U.S. citizens. Fourth, all must speak English or learn how. Health care benefits and conditional driving privileges should only be available to those who meet these standards.

That is not to say that the border should not be enforced. It must be. Border security is paramount. But it makes sense to make it easier for highly skilled people to come into the country.

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