The Misguided Public Media – Missing the Target Again

There has been enormous publicity by the public media, the great bulk of it of it liberal media, given to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s calling for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.  Without dwelling on the merits of his idea, go0d or bad, the point is that there has been a virtual absence of media attention  given to the so-called candidacy of Hillary Clinton.  The media’s attention has been overly focused on Mr. Trump experience and qualifications for office  with little attention, far too little, being given to Hillary’s experience and qualifications.  This point  clearly deserves to be made because the country is still in the throes of dealing with the worthless and abundantly inept presidency of Barack Obama.  The country has experienced, and is still experiencing,  the consequences of having elected a politician eminently unqualified, inexperienced, and incompetent, who is a world-class liar to boot.  Obama was and is a gifted speaker, that’s what got him elected.  But he lied to the American people, promising hope and change, but delivering disappointment, discouragement, and disillusionment.

The past seven years have been a waste so far as presidential achievements and leadership is concerned.  Obama’s presidency has been a terrible mistake for the country, not to mention the free world.  But now, the liberal media is supporting Hillary, trumpeting the candidacy of a power-hungry woman as the first woman president of the country.  Having a woman president is well and good so long as it’s the right woman.  Hillary is not that woman.  She is dangerous for the country, with no proven track record of accomplishments anywhere.  Where has she been weighed in the balance, put in a position of having to make the difficult decisions that any leader must make? Where has she shown that she has the leadership qualities, the temperament, the judgment, to govern this nation?  The answer is that she has shown none of the necessary qualities for leadership. The liberal media should be harping on  this rather than just touting her blindly.  Not being satisfied with having supported Obama,  a terrible mistake, the liberal media is repeating the mistake by supporting Hillary.  As mentioned above, far too much attention has been given to Donald Trump’s experience and qualifications, far too little to Hillary’s.

On a different point, I would like to mention that my new book, “Prelude to Disaster:  How Imperial Japan’s Diplomatic Treachery Led to America’s Greatest Military Disaster – Pearl Harbor,” now available on Amazon’s Kindle, will soon be available in print.  This book is essentially based on a Congressional report, released in 1946, of the investigation by Congress into the December 7, 1941 attack.  For those readers unfamiliar with the diplomatic background leading up to the attack, the book should be very enlightening.


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“Prelude to Infamy” – Now on Amazon’s Kindle

“The Japanese Navy is itching for a fight with the American Navy.”  News item, ascribed to a Japanese Navy official, on or about October 24, 1941.”

To commemorate the  forthcoming 74th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, I have posted a new ebook on Amazon’s Kindle.  It describes the diplomatic exchanges between the United States and Japan in the months leading up to the attack. Here’s the complete title:  “Prelude to Infamy: How Imperial Japan’s Diplomatic Treachery Led To America’s Greatest Military Disaster – Pearl Harbor.”

This book is a true account of Japanese diplomatic deception which led to the surprise attack on the U.S. Pacific Naval Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in the early morning hours of Sunday, December 7, 1941.  It provides an inside look at the virtual day to day diplomatic negotiations, including reports, conversations, communiques, and telegrams, from August to December, 1941, between officials of the U.S. Department of State and diplomats of the Japanese Empire as dark clouds of war continued to loom in the background.  Essentially based on the report of a Congressional investigation into the attack, released in July, 1946, it effectively puts the reader in  position of becoming an eyewitness to history being made as the process of searching for peace is continued.

The book  reveals in depth how the U.S. continued to negotiate for peace but at the same time sought to build up its military and naval forces to counter Japanese aggression in the Far East.  Militaristic Japan,  bent  on expanding its sphere of influence by force and violence to assure, it asserted,  its survival as an empire, had been reaching out to acquire the raw materials and other natural resources needed for its survival.  It  had invaded and subjugated large parts of China in 1937,  occupied  French Indochina in 1940, and was threatening the Dutch East Indies and other countries and areas in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region.  Peace negotiations faltered as it continued to resist U.S. efforts to pull back its forces.

In February, 1941, unknown to the U.S. and apparently to its own diplomatic corps, the Japanese military began planning an attack on the United States.  In October, 1941, Hideki Tojo, a General in the Japanese Imperial Army and Minister of War under former Prime Minister Prince Konoye, who resigned on October 16, 1941, was appointed Prime Minister by Emperor Hirohito.  Chances for peace dimmed when Tojo, a hard liner, resisted U.S. efforts to have Japan pull its troops out of China, a key point in U.S endeavors, and took a tough stand against continued peace negotiations with the U.S.

On December 6, 1941, Japan began delivery of a 14 point reply to the latest U.S. peace proposal of November 26, 1941.  Due to its own bungling, the 14th point, breaking off talks with the U.S. was not delivered until well after the attack on Pearl Harbor had begun on December 7.  No formal declaration of war by Japan against the United States was received in Washington until 4 p.m. (EST), long after the attack had ended.

The book concludes with  two noteworthy quotes.  One is from the lyric of an old Glenn Miller tune, “You must be vigilant, you must be vigilant, American Patrol…”, and the other is  from a 1790 speech by John Philpot Curran  in Dublin, Ireland, that  “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”  These timeless words still ring true today.

For those readers who may not be aware of the diplomatic background behind the attack, this ebook should prove to be very enlightening.

Arnold G. Regardie





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Hillary’s Benghazi Performance – An Abject Failure

After a hiatus of a few months, I’m  back blogging again.  What better topic than Hillary’s Thursday performance.

After much advance media ballyhoo, Hillary Clinton finally made her long-awaited appearance before the House Select Committee on the Benghazi investigation.  As expected, the mainstream media has given her a clearly undeserved whitewash.  The main question remains unanswered –  who was responsible for the clear  lack of security at the Benghazi compound?  Not Hillary – she said it was up to the “security professionals” at the State Department.  And why wasn’t  some help provided to Ambassador Christopher Stevens who pleaded for more security, and did so on more than one occasion.  None was ever  provided.  This was a monumental failure which in and of itself stamps her as  being unqualified for any leadership role!

It was also shocking to me to see that she lied about the origin of the attack on the Benghazi compound, i.e., whether it was a terrorist attack or the reaction to the  online video championed by the Obama folks as being the catalyst.  There was new evidence disclosed at the hearing whereby Hillary admitted in an email to her daughter Chelsea the evening of the attack that it was an Al-Qaeda like, i.e., terrorist, group that was behind it.   Hillary also confirmed this fact in communications to the Egyptian Prime Minister and to the Libyan President that evening or the next day.  Yet she participated in the lie perpetrated on the American public by Obama and his administration when she later supported him and claimed, falsely, that the attack was based on a mob reaction to an online video.

This is yet another example of Hillary’s inability to tell the truth.  Her lack of credibility is a major flaw in her character make up which by itself stamps her as unqualified for any public office, much less the presidency.  As the late William Safire, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, put it some time back, she is a “congenital liar.”  It’s no excuse to argue that all politicians lie – this platitude simply doesn’t justify her continued and ongoing inability to tell the truth.  Her propensity for lying lie whenever and wherever the situation warrants it casts serious doubt on her character  and her judgment.  It goes without saying that if the President has no credibility, how can that person be a leader?

And make no mistake about it.  The Benghazi lie about the origin of the attack was a major- league assist in getting Obama reelected.  Obama, you may recall, was spreading the myth in the days before the election that Al-Qaeda was “on the run.”  Framing the Benghazi attack as having originated from a video, later proven to be a clear lie, only added to his aura of his politically correct judgment.  Hillary participated in this canard, which was not only a major disservice to  the families of the four Americans who died in the attack, but was also a national disgrace.   Joining in this lie by itself marks her as untrustworthy and therefore unqualified for the presidency.

Some politicians, notably from the Democratic Party, have cast the Committee as a political sideshow, one which should be disbanded.  Those people are the ones to blame for any politicizing of the hearing.  Elijah Cummings (D- Md.) is a go0d example.   He had no questions for  witness Hillary but only delivered a political harangue in her favor which had no place at the hearing.  Committee Chairman Trey  Gowdy missed the boat in not shutting him down as being out of order.

The real problem with Hillary’s campaign is that she brings nothing to the table.  She has not demonstrated anywhere, anytime, that she is a capable leader.  She is found wanting in every category to be used in judging a presidential candidate,  experience-wise, qualifications-wise, character-wise, temperament-wise, etc.  The country is now going through the agony of having elected an unqualified, inexperienced, and incompetent president, who is also a world-class liar.  The hearing has demonstrated that this mistake should not be repeated by supporting Hillary.

On a different subject, let me take this occasion to ask my readers to watch for my new book  coming out soon on Amazon.  It is about the diplomatic treachery perpetrated on the U.S. by Imperial Japan, which led to the military disaster at Pearl Harbor.

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“The Shadow of Crisis Has Passed.” Oh Really!

When a world leader is perceived to be cut off from the reality of the world, it is quite a spectacle.  Frightening in its implications.

But that’s what we are seeing now when President Obama, opening his State of the Union address recently, makes a statement such as “the shadow of crisis has passed.”  Did he really say that?  What world is he living in?  If he really believes what he said, he is totally and completely cut off from the realities of the world.  He does not deserve to be president.   And the country needs, somehow, to do damage control  for the next two years.  As in major damage control.  In other words, at the very least a congressional watchdog is needed to make sure Obama does no harm to national interests.  This watchdog must oversee everything he says and does.

Maybe Obama is just too busy working on his golf swing to read the newspapers or watch television.  Maybe he really doesn’t  know or understand whats going on in the world.  Maybe he really doesn’t know what happened in the congressional mid-term elections last November.  Maybe, even scarier, he doesn’t care.

Can it really be true that he has never heard of ISIS, or the Islamic State?  Or  Al Queda.  Or Paris.  Or Yemen.   Or does it just seem that way.  Is Obama really detached from reality?  Is he living in a separate but parallel universe, as one well-known commentator recently asked.  Is he really delusional, or does it just seem that way?  Does the public need a dictionary definition of delusional to understand this guy?  Does he really not see the threat posed by radical Islamic terrorism.  If he does, why doesn’t he say so?  In those words.

But it’s more than his detachment from world reality that makes one question his competence.  It’s also his defiance when it comes to domestic matters.  He continuously taunts the Republican Congress by threatening to veto legislation even before it comes to his desk, as in Keystone pipeline.  This is the mark of someone who has his own agenda at heart, not the national interest..  Obama is obsessed with his own importance, wildly obsessed.  By his  continuous taunting of Congress he is showcasing his fury at being told by the electorate that it doesn’t care (to put it mildly) for his policies. The Republican party now controls Congress but Obama can’t accept it.  To adopt a time-worn cliche, it’s his way or the highway.  This is a dangerous state of mind for someone who is supposed to be leading the country.  Very dangerous.

But Obama is more than just  incompetent.  He also has no credibility.  He is a gifted, world-class liar, with lies flowing out of his mouth like water out of a faucet.  How can anything he says or does be trusted?  Is he acting in the national interest or in the interest of his own political program?  He is dead set on closing Guantanamo but is the release of the detainees there in the national interest?  Or Obama’s political interest?  Are th0se being released a threat to America?  Who’s checking on that?  The WH has also said giving Guantanamo back to Cuba is not on the table.  We’ll see.   And his recent comment that Iran’s path to nuclear capability has been halted is too blatantly false to require further comment.  Congressional oversight is desperately needed here, and has traditionally been employed, but Obama has said he will reject it.

Democracy is not perfect.  Sometimes mistakes are made.  Electing Obama is an example. The country must learn from this mistake and not ever again elect someone who has not proven his/her leadership traits.  The country cannot afford another mistake like Obama.  Nor the world for that matter.  Demonstrable leadership qualities must be present in any future presidential candidate.  Are you listening Hillary?   But that’s a whole  new ocean to swim in, which we’ll leave for another time.

Copyright©2015. Arnold G. Regardie. All rights reserved.

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An Equal Opportunity To Respond Law Is Badly Needed

So one-time Hollywood pretty boy Robert Redford has come out against the Keystone pipeline.

Well, it’s a free country so anyone can have his say.  Right?   The trouble here is that a celebrity like Redford gets free publicity.  How about an opportunity for the man on the street to respond.  Publicly.  At the same time and in the same space.  Celebs, particularly liberals (or progressives)  seem to get more air or print time than others.   To the exclusion of the opposing view.  Well, this writer in particular believes the Keystone project should go forward.  Now.  It’s been stonewalled by an incompetent president far too long.

I do believe in the environment.  I like nature, the outdoors, parks,  wild animals etc.  But I don’t believe in extremism.  Moderation is the key.  And I also do believe in progress.  Some balancing is in order.  People like Redford appear to be totally one-sided.  It’s save the environment at the expense of  everything else.  And because of his celebrity his views get to be put forward without any opposing viewpoints.

Well, that’s not right.

The Canadian oil sands, which are at the heart of the Keystone controversy, will be developed, Obama or no Obama. If the oil is not transported through the U.S.  by pipeline to refineries at or near the Gulf of Mexico, then it will have to be transported by rail to other destinations, likely Canadian.  What about the impact on the environment of all that rail activity.  What about the carbon emissions in that scenario? What about the loss of jobs if no pipeline is built?  In an economy which needs to put more people back to work  wouldn’t pipeline construction be helpful?

So, there are many arguments for the pipeline which have not been advanced because a celeb like Redford gets free press  and has the whole stage.  He made a few bucks taking advantage of the American capitalist system  and acquired a bit of a name.  But he’s not entitled to exalted status.  He’s not entitled to mouth off publicly at the expense of those who disagree with him.  And which media outlets are going to publish my thoughts if I want to be heard?  Right.  None.  That’s the point.  Space for an appropriate response to any celebrity outburst should be the law.  In the same space, and at the same time.

That should be the American way.  That should be the law.

Copyright©2015.   Arnold G. Regardie.   All rights reserved.


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The Republican Party Should Look To Chris Christie In 2016

Although the mid-term congressional elections are very much in the news these days, I am heartened by the fact that Governor Chris Christie  (R-NJ) has been making some news these days.  Despite democratic efforts to bury him in so-called “Bridgegate,” he has not only survived this clumsy attempt to discredit him but is prospering politically.  As chairman of the Republican Governors Association, he has been touring the country and shoring up Republican political races where ever possible.

Almost a year ago I wrote an article about  Governor Christie’s electability using the acronym “scale.”   I still like Christie.  He is a blunt talking but tough minded decision maker, a strong contrast to what we currently have in the White House.  This blog has been republished today.

Arnold G. Regardie.

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Chris Christie Tips the Scale (No Pun Intended) In His Favor


Republican Governor Chris Christie’s recent overwhelming victory as Governor in New Jersey, one of the bluest of blue states, is a truly welcome event to behold. In trouncing his democratic challenger Barbara Buono by some thirty-odd points, Christie proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the 2016 presidential sweepstakes.

With apologies for any unintended reference to Christie’s weight as an issue (it shouldn’t be), it appears to me that Christie tips the scale in his favor. That is, using the word SCALE as an acronym, he should be chosen as the Republican presidential candidate for 2016. Here’s how it breaks down:
S – strength
C – credibility
A – accomplishments
L – leadership
E – electability

Christie scores points in each category. He has a strong personality and is credible. His accomplishments as governor of New Jersey are manifold. By reaching out across the aisles to…

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