The Misguided Public Media – Missing the Target Again

There has been enormous publicity by the public media, the great bulk of it of it liberal media, given to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s calling for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.  Without dwelling on the merits of his idea, go0d or bad, the point is that there has been a virtual absence of media attention  given to the so-called candidacy of Hillary Clinton.  The media’s attention has been overly focused on Mr. Trump experience and qualifications for office  with little attention, far too little, being given to Hillary’s experience and qualifications.  This point  clearly deserves to be made because the country is still in the throes of dealing with the worthless and abundantly inept presidency of Barack Obama.  The country has experienced, and is still experiencing,  the consequences of having elected a politician eminently unqualified, inexperienced, and incompetent, who is a world-class liar to boot.  Obama was and is a gifted speaker, that’s what got him elected.  But he lied to the American people, promising hope and change, but delivering disappointment, discouragement, and disillusionment.

The past seven years have been a waste so far as presidential achievements and leadership is concerned.  Obama’s presidency has been a terrible mistake for the country, not to mention the free world.  But now, the liberal media is supporting Hillary, trumpeting the candidacy of a power-hungry woman as the first woman president of the country.  Having a woman president is well and good so long as it’s the right woman.  Hillary is not that woman.  She is dangerous for the country, with no proven track record of accomplishments anywhere.  Where has she been weighed in the balance, put in a position of having to make the difficult decisions that any leader must make? Where has she shown that she has the leadership qualities, the temperament, the judgment, to govern this nation?  The answer is that she has shown none of the necessary qualities for leadership. The liberal media should be harping on  this rather than just touting her blindly.  Not being satisfied with having supported Obama,  a terrible mistake, the liberal media is repeating the mistake by supporting Hillary.  As mentioned above, far too much attention has been given to Donald Trump’s experience and qualifications, far too little to Hillary’s.

On a different point, I would like to mention that my new book, “Prelude to Disaster:  How Imperial Japan’s Diplomatic Treachery Led to America’s Greatest Military Disaster – Pearl Harbor,” now available on Amazon’s Kindle, will soon be available in print.  This book is essentially based on a Congressional report, released in 1946, of the investigation by Congress into the December 7, 1941 attack.  For those readers unfamiliar with the diplomatic background leading up to the attack, the book should be very enlightening.


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