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Hillary’s Benghazi Performance – An Abject Failure

After a hiatus of a few months, I’m  back blogging again.  What better topic than Hillary’s Thursday performance.

After much advance media ballyhoo, Hillary Clinton finally made her long-awaited appearance before the House Select Committee on the Benghazi investigation.  As expected, the mainstream media has given her a clearly undeserved whitewash.  The main question remains unanswered –  who was responsible for the clear  lack of security at the Benghazi compound?  Not Hillary – she said it was up to the “security professionals” at the State Department.  And why wasn’t  some help provided to Ambassador Christopher Stevens who pleaded for more security, and did so on more than one occasion.  None was ever  provided.  This was a monumental failure which in and of itself stamps her as  being unqualified for any leadership role!

It was also shocking to me to see that she lied about the origin of the attack on the Benghazi compound, i.e., whether it was a terrorist attack or the reaction to the  online video championed by the Obama folks as being the catalyst.  There was new evidence disclosed at the hearing whereby Hillary admitted in an email to her daughter Chelsea the evening of the attack that it was an Al-Qaeda like, i.e., terrorist, group that was behind it.   Hillary also confirmed this fact in communications to the Egyptian Prime Minister and to the Libyan President that evening or the next day.  Yet she participated in the lie perpetrated on the American public by Obama and his administration when she later supported him and claimed, falsely, that the attack was based on a mob reaction to an online video.

This is yet another example of Hillary’s inability to tell the truth.  Her lack of credibility is a major flaw in her character make up which by itself stamps her as unqualified for any public office, much less the presidency.  As the late William Safire, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, put it some time back, she is a “congenital liar.”  It’s no excuse to argue that all politicians lie – this platitude simply doesn’t justify her continued and ongoing inability to tell the truth.  Her propensity for lying lie whenever and wherever the situation warrants it casts serious doubt on her character  and her judgment.  It goes without saying that if the President has no credibility, how can that person be a leader?

And make no mistake about it.  The Benghazi lie about the origin of the attack was a major- league assist in getting Obama reelected.  Obama, you may recall, was spreading the myth in the days before the election that Al-Qaeda was “on the run.”  Framing the Benghazi attack as having originated from a video, later proven to be a clear lie, only added to his aura of his politically correct judgment.  Hillary participated in this canard, which was not only a major disservice to  the families of the four Americans who died in the attack, but was also a national disgrace.   Joining in this lie by itself marks her as untrustworthy and therefore unqualified for the presidency.

Some politicians, notably from the Democratic Party, have cast the Committee as a political sideshow, one which should be disbanded.  Those people are the ones to blame for any politicizing of the hearing.  Elijah Cummings (D- Md.) is a go0d example.   He had no questions for  witness Hillary but only delivered a political harangue in her favor which had no place at the hearing.  Committee Chairman Trey  Gowdy missed the boat in not shutting him down as being out of order.

The real problem with Hillary’s campaign is that she brings nothing to the table.  She has not demonstrated anywhere, anytime, that she is a capable leader.  She is found wanting in every category to be used in judging a presidential candidate,  experience-wise, qualifications-wise, character-wise, temperament-wise, etc.  The country is now going through the agony of having elected an unqualified, inexperienced, and incompetent president, who is also a world-class liar.  The hearing has demonstrated that this mistake should not be repeated by supporting Hillary.

On a different subject, let me take this occasion to ask my readers to watch for my new book  coming out soon on Amazon.  It is about the diplomatic treachery perpetrated on the U.S. by Imperial Japan, which led to the military disaster at Pearl Harbor.

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