I Just Don’t Get It! Why Is “Golden Boy” Bill Clinton So Popular?

Recently I came across a copy of “The Starr Report,” the report to Congress by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr on the investigation of President Bill Clinton’s misdeeds while in office arising out of his sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky and his subsequent efforts to cover it up. The Report reads like a lurid Hollywood “B” movie. You cannot read the descriptions of Clinton’s sexual encounters (which occurred in or near the Oval Office!) without seeing Clinton in a different light. Clinton was impeached as a result of his criminal conduct arising during the investigation, justifiably so, but the amazing thing is how well he is received today despite that conduct. Here is an impeached president who disgraced himself, his family, his country and the White House, but nevertheless seems to be enjoying a charmed life as if his impeachment, and the conduct which led to it, never happened.

Is that the way it should be? As gangster Bugsy Siegel put it (according to the movie “Bugsy”), “Everyone deserves a fresh start.” Apparently it’s a matter of how the press treats the subject. Or maybe it’s a question of politics. Or maybe both. But I don’t remember Richard Nixon enjoying this kind of popularity at anytime after Watergate, although his public approval rating did later recover somewhat. Certainly George W. Bush doesn’t enjoy Clinton’s level of popularity either.

While the seriousness of Clinton’s misconduct is eyeopening, it has been largely buried and forgotten due to his public persona today. In fact, there were eleven separate criminal acts by President Clinton, as found by the Report, “which may constitute grounds for impeachment.” These included lying under oath five times, trying to obstruct justice four times, conspiring, in essence, with Monica Lewinsky to obstruct justice, and acts inconsistent with the President’s constitutional obligation to faithfully execute his duties while in office. Forget the fact that Clinton was never put on trial after impeachment in the House – the stigma of this conduct should be inescapable.

To digress for a moment, ultimately President Clinton asked then Attorney General Janet Reno, in early 1994, to appoint a special prosecutor to look into allegations that real crimes were committed by President Clinton and Hillary Clinton arising out of the Whitewater affair, an affair whose echoes continue to linger today despite serious efforts by the Clintons to sweep them under the rug, with some success. Starr’s investigation of Whitewater ultimately led him to the relationship between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. On a comparative note, the question could be asked as to why President Obama hasn’t done the same, i.e., appoint independent counsel, with regard to the IRS scandal. I think President Obama is still obsessed with his own importance, an obsession which separates him from reality. Or he is simply afraid that the real facts will come out.

Despite all of his baggage, the fact remains that Bill Clinton is a likeable guy. And that’s probably where his popularity comes from, at least some of it. He is also a master politician and he gets immense help from the liberal media, no matter what he does, as well as from his own party.

Clinton’s popularity isn’t confined to his own persona either. Much of the glow has radiated onto wife Hillary. Recall that she parachuted into New York some time ago and, riding on the back of hubby Bill, was elected to the U.S. Senate largely, in my opinion, as a result of Bill’s reputation and popularity. Her own accomplishments at that time, as well as now, were practically nil. (It will be interesting to see what Hillary’s forthcoming personal memoir dealing with her tenure as secretary of state has to say about Benghazi).

And, speaking of Hillary, the curtain has not yet dropped on Bill’s continuing opus. Regardless of where he’s been and what he’s done, his glowing persona will continue to shine on his wife. Assuming Hillary runs for president, again, an assumption more likely to come true than not, watch for hubby Bill to be at her side. His presence will not diminish her chances of being elected in any way but will guarantee that the continuing glow from his radiance will in turn help to light up Hillary’s presence and shore her up wherever she goes and whatever she says. I find this state of affairs to be absolutely amazing but it is what it is. Needless to add, there will not be any mention, not by the liberal media anyway, of Bill’s shady past.

Finally, as pointed out above but bears emphasis, the Starr Report found “substantial and credible information” that Clinton lied under oath no less than five times. This crime has particular significance today. As previously written on this blog site but it deserves repeating, there is a jury instruction available to trial lawyers, at least in California, entitled “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.” This instruction, if given by the trial judge, allows the jury to find that a party or witness who was found to be lying in one particular can be disbelieved about everything else he/she says. The court of public opinion should continue to keep this in mind in evaluating everything Bill Clinton says on any subject, past, present, or future.

Incidentally, the same thought can be applied to Hillary, who was found to be a “congenital liar” by syndicated columnist and Pulitzer prize winner, the late Bill Safire, in his 1996 New York Times essay entitled, “A Blizzard of Lies.” This thought should be kept in mind when reading Hillary’s forthcoming memoir as well as during her anticipated presidential run. During her last presidential run, it should be remembered, she lied about landing on the tarmac in Bosnia under sniper fire, a lie which she later recanted and confessed to be a “mistake.”

The danger with both Bill and Hillary is they are each established world class liars, and will say anything, anywhere, at anytime, true or not, if it will help to get them to where they want to go. Be forewarned, America!.

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