Hillary Clinton – The Wrong Woman, At the Wrong Place, At the Wrong Time

To borrow the refrain from an old Vaughn Monroe song, “…there I go, there I’ve said it again.” But it bears repeating: Hillary Clinton should not be the next president.

I’m sorry to be so dogmatic about it (well, not really), but I’d like to make one thing perfectly clear (with apologies to President Nixon): it’s fine to elect a woman president. The time is right for it. But it should be the right woman, who is not Hillary Clinton. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. She simply does not have the credentials including, but not limited to, integrity, experience, and ability.

With the 2016 presidential elections still in the distance, this article may seem a little premature. But I don’t think so. The liberal media is obsessed with trying to emboss Hillary, apparently the odds-on favorite to win the democratic nomination for president, with a tinge of gold – but it’s fools gold at best. I think this blog is therefore timely.

The reason I am so adamant on this issue is because Hillary is simply unqualified, inexperienced, and incompetent to be president. Lets not make the same mistake with her that we made with President Obama. The problem with Hillary is that she has not demonstrated any leadership qualities, no strength of character, no ability to make the tough decisions that are required of a president. She boasted of her “White House experience,” during her last presidential bid. But the truth of the matter is that she had no experience that qualified her to be president.

She has served as a U.S. senator from New York, parachuting in on the coattails of her husband Bill, an impeached president who disgraced himself, his family, his country, and the White House while president. But as a senator she created no record of accomplishment that she can point to, none.

She served as Secretary of State under President Obama, an unqualified and inexperienced appointee who had no previous experience in affairs of state, no record of any kind, no teaching, no lecturing, no writing, nothing that could be used to show experience or knowledge in that area. The main result of that four year tenure: four Americans are dead from the Benghazi attack, including our ambassador. And there has yet to be any determination as to who in the administration is responsible for that tragedy. As the top dog in the state department during that attack, she must be held accountable.

There is also the matter of her credibility. The well respected, syndicated columnist, the late William Safire, labeled her a “congenital liar.” Not without reason. Safire’s article, published in the New York Times on January 8, 1996 entitled “Essay; Blizzard of Lies,” is compelling reading, starting with the opening lines that draw attention to her propensity to “mislead, and to ensnare her subordinates and friends in a web of deceit.”

She also lied, together with President Obama, about the Benghazi attack, falsely claiming that it was due to a spontaneous reaction to a You Tube posting. At the time the statements were made, the White House and the state department had facts indicating the attack was made by terrorists.

And then there’s the blatant lie made during her presidential bid that she landed on the tarmac in Bosnia under sniper fire. She later recanted, admitting it was a “mistake.” This woman has no credibility and is a far, far cry from having the integrity to be president. We’ve seen enough of presidential lies from the present administration. To elect Hillary, who has a proven history of
lying, is simply unacceptable.

One last point concerning the issue of Hillary’s credibility or lack thereof: credibility is a most important trait in everyday life, but especially politics. As a retired trial lawyer, I can point to a California jury instruction which can be requested if the evidence justifies it, i.e., if a party or a witness is caught in a lie. The jury instruction, “falso in uno, falso in omnibus,” simply means that if the party or witness has lied about one thing, he/she arguably can be found to have lied about everything. This jury instruction, if given by the trial judge, can be a devastating weapon in final argument. It can destroy an entire case. Thus the issue presents itself, in view of Hillary’s track record of lying when the occasion suits her, how can anything she says now be believed?

We need to restore the American spirit, which seems to be lagging these days, quite a bit. Hillary is not the answer. She is undoubtedly the golden girl of the liberal media and the darling of the democratic party. But make no mistake – to put her in position as president of the United States would be an unmitigated disaster for this country. The country needs to elect a proven leader as the next president. Let the Obama calamity be a lesson to the American electorate: stay away from unqualified, inexperienced presidential candidates.

Copyright©Arnold G. Regardie. All rights reserved.


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6 responses to “Hillary Clinton – The Wrong Woman, At the Wrong Place, At the Wrong Time

  1. Run for president? Why isn’t she in jail?

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