A “Jolly” Time In Florida – The Portent of Things To Come

The election of Republican David Jolly over highly thought of Democrat Alex Sink in a Florida district carried by President Obama both times in his election bids is more than just another congressional election – it was an advance signal of the public’s unhappiness with the president’s signature healthcare plan as well as his overall job performance. In this contest, although the democrats outspent the GOP 4-1, it wasn’t enough. With midterm congressional elections approaching in November, the handwriting on the wall becomes clearer every day: public disenchantment with this administration will continue to be a serious obstacle for those democrats up for reelection.

With the president’s approval rating sinking to a new 42% low, and controversies swirling around him, it is no secret that this administration has become a train wreck waiting to occur. It is more than just the disastrous roll out of Obamacare that is roiling the public, it’s also that many other questions remain unanswered. Serious questions exist as to the president’s ability to provide leadership in view of the failure to enforce his “red line in the sand” over Syria’s chemical weapons as well as his failure to stand up to Russian president Putin over the Ukraine and the Crimea. There can be little doubt that President Obama appears weak in the eyes of the world, not to mention his own country.

The stagnant economy and the number of Americans out of work continues to plague the president. The failure of anyone in the administration, past or present, to take responsibility for the deaths of four Americans in the Benghazi attack as well as the failure of anyone in the administration to be held accountable for the IRS scandal also continues to haunt the president. The latter issue is particularly vexing in view of the president’s assertion during the Bill O’Reilly interview on Super Bowl Sunday that there was not a “smidgeon of corruption” to be associated with it, yet IRS official Lois Lerner continues to invoke her 5th Amendment right against self incrimination in refusing to answer congressional questions. There can be no doubt that she has something to hide.

Adding to the list of problems confronting this president, his credibility, or lack thereof, must be considered. Promising the people that “if you like your plan you can keep it,” and “if you like your doctor you can keep him,” were clearly demonstrably false. And proclaiming to the public (together with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) that the Benghazi attack was the result of a reaction to a You Tube video was also false in view of information then in the administration’s hands that the attack was the result of (shhh, here’s that forbidden word) terrorists.

But it must be understood that the root of the problem is the basic flaw in American politics – anyone can run for president, qualified or not. It’s a subject I’ve written about in the past. Maybe that’s the way it should be in a free country, but on the other hand perhaps some limitations should be placed on who is qualified to run.

This president was unqualified from the gitgo, having been a community organizer at some time in his past and having less than one full term in the Senate. This does not cut it. At a minimum, experience in governance should be a must, with an established showing in leadership, at solving problems, and at compromise where necessary. Getting elected should not be a popularity contest. The bottom line here is that President Obama was never qualified to be president, was grossly inexperienced, and has proven to be incompetent. He should never have been elected in the first place and now the country is paying the price for this mistake. It should not be repeated. America should be great again, sentiments voiced by billionaire Donald J. Trump at a convention I attended in San Jose California last December. Amen to that.

The president’s focus is on increasing the size of government. This is the wrong direction for the country but the president doesn’t seem to understand. Individual liberty and free enterprise should take precedence over big government. This is what has made America great in the past and will continue to do so.

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