My San Jose Adventure

Do you know the way to San Jose? With apologies to singer Dionne Warwick, actually you don’t need to know the way if you took the bus like I did a few days ago to attend the three day ACN international convention there. Traveling basically all day with my oldest son Kevin, and meeting my younger son Brian there, this was the second ACN convention I attended. But it was well worth the time, effort, and expense. ACN by the way, is a well established, eminently successful company, celebrating 20 years in business, and operating in 23 countries around the world. It is the largest direct seller of telecommunications and essential services in the world. It offers independent business owners the opportunity to be in business “for yourself but not by yourself.”

Forget the fact that the convention was in San Jose, California, a sprawling city of almost 1 million people in the heart of the Silicon Valley but with few points of interest. It was attended by some 15,000 people, not as many as the approximately 25,000 who had attended a previous ACN convention in Los Angeles last June but was still quite a crowd. It was crammed full of important information of great value to all independent ACN business owners, a group to which my sons and I belong.

The overriding attraction though was the chance to see and hear Donald Trump, a long time ACN supporter, who was interviewed in person by Darren Hardy, Publisher and Founding Editor of Success magazine. Mr Trump graciously answered questions posed about his own personal success. He came across as a devoted family man and a successful real estate entrepreneur who had weathered some difficult financial times in the early 1990s to create his own personal real estate fortune. His bottom line message was clear: he wants to see America great again. Amen to that.

Donald Trump is ever the believer in the power of private enterprise over government intervention. One of the achievements he appeared proudest of was his taking over a municipal skating rink in New York
City (name unrecalled) which had been losing money for years. After putting much less money into the rink than the city had been spending on it, he had it up and running at a profit in about three months.

A second compelling speaker was Darren Hardy, who, as noted above, conducted the interview with Donald Trump, and is the best selling author of “The Compound Effect,” a book whose announced theme deals with jump starting your income, your life, and your success. Hardy, another ACN booster, had an important message for all those ACN business owners seeking success – you, the owner, reflect the product/service you’re selling. You are the billboard, the main attraction. You are answerable to no one but yourself, you’re the boss. So, conquer your fears and climb your mountain. Create your own story of success.

By the way, feel free to visit my ACN storefront to see what products and services are offered. It’s at

Copyright 2013. Arnold G. Regardie. All rights reserved.

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