Help Improve The Economy – Learn To Write Clearly

The ability to communicate clearly is a basic ingredient for success in any endeavor. In today’s world of mass communication, it is essential for anyone who wants to get ahead. Thus, the power of the written word is more important than ever before. It’s your key to the future. Clear writing is a marketable skill, one that employers will gladly pay for. If you write clearly, there may be job openings you can qualify for which would otherwise be unavailable. This skill is very important at any time but even more so in today’s struggling economy. Moreover,as more skilled workers enter the workforce, the stronger our economy will be. So, learning to write clearly will not only benefit you personally but will benefit the country.

Clear written communication skills will also enhance your opportunities for advancement if you are now employed. An employer will recognize you and single you out for greater responsibility (and more pay) once you are proficient with the written word. An employee with clear writing skills will be in a better position to help his/her employer increase sales and profitability, which is always the bottom line in any business.

As has been pointed out in this blog previously, learning to write more clearly begins with the practice of writing itself. Dedicate yourself to writing every day. The more you write, the greater your confidence will grow. And also read regularly. The more you read, the greater your knowledge of good writing habits will become. Expose yourself to experienced writers whenever and wherever you can. Learn from their style. No less an authority on writing than Stephen King, in his book, “On Writing”, clearly emphasizes the importance of reading: “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. It’s as simple as that…”

It is also important to make a list of all new words, learn them, and learn how to use them. Become familiar with all punctuation marks and their application. Train your eye to learn good grammar by word association rather than by definition. This should be your homework, so to speak. The more thoroughly you apply yourself, the clearer your writing will be.

There are many writing writing guidelines and techniques discussed in my book, “The Art of Clear Writing,” available on books and in print. Follow these guidelines and develop these techniques by continuous practice. An important step in thi8s direction is to build your vocabulary so you can find the right word when you need it. Also, be concise in your writing. Use shorter sentences, carefully and thoroughly edit all writing before using it and, most importantly, eliminate all spelling errors. Poor spelling will stamp you as an amateur writer, or worse.

Writing is no different from any other undertaking in life You have to start at the beginning to master it. But the rewards are enormous and well worth your time. All art is created through the exercise of a craft such as painting, sculpting, etc. Every craft must be taught and learned, including writing. Clear writing is an art form because it can be learned through the craft of writing. Almost everyone can write to some degree, but to write clearly is a goal worthy of achievement. The long hours and hard work it may take to get there are tasks eminently worth the effort. Remember that a clearly written document speaks well of the writer and the purpose it seeks to advance.

Begin with a positive attitude toward writing. Developing the right mental attitude will be a major step toward improvement. This will come from building confidence in your writing which in turn will come with continuous writing experience. So, write every day to expedite your improvement.

Copyright 2013. Arnold G. Regardie. All rights reserved.

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