The Weakness In American Politics

American politics is amazing. The country has elected a smooth talking politician as president who had no prior experience in leading anyone. In my view Barack Obama was eminently unqualified to be president and now the country is paying the price for electing him in the first place. His legacy as president? He has a good chance to go down in history as one of the worst presidents ever.

The economy is the most glaring example of his ineptitude. This president has no clue as to how to get the economy moving. Unemployment is still rampant, even after five years in office. It is private enterprise that has provided the economic growth in this country and not big government. The president simply doesn’t understand this. He spent the initial time as president signing a healthcare bill into law that was and is still hugely unpopular with Americans instead of addressing the economic woes that beset the country.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is an act of incompetence and irresponsibility. Politicians in Congress who voted for it without reading it and thoroughly understanding its implications deserve to be kicked out of office. One of the major concerns: businesses are not hiring because of apprehension over incurring the huge monetary penalties if full time employees are not covered.

The president’s legacy will be marked by other failures besides the ACA.

The Keystone pipeline is a project that will provide countless jobs as well as help the country achieve energy independence from the Middle East. Yet the project is lagging, awaiting the presidential OK. The president’s nod to environmental interests in stalling the pipeline is unjustified. Environmental concerns can be addressed and the benefits of the pipeline outweigh the latter.

There are also many scandals still to be fully addressed. Benghazi is no phony scandal as claimed by Obama. Four Americans died as a result of this attack including the Ambassador Chris Stevens. Many unanswered questions remain, not the least of which is why there was no appropriate military response.

Hillary Clinton’s role in this disaster must be fully explored. As Secretary of State, this attack should be viewed as a direct result of her incompetence. Remember, prior to this appointment she had no experience anywhere in a leadership role and no experience whatsoever in affairs of state. She was clearly unqualified and totally lacking in experience. Her appointment must be viewed as having been made for purely political purposes and reflects poorly on the administration as well. Her credibility is also fully in question as she is shown to have lied on many, many occasions, including her last run for the presidency when she falsely stated that she landed on the tarmac in Bosnia under sniper fire.

Speaking of credibility, the president has reiterated many times over the last 2-3 years that Al Quaeda is dead, it’s decimated, it’s on the run, and so forth. Now the administration has shuttered several U.S. embassies across the Middle East because of increased terrorist chatter on the internet. Yet the president has declined to admit the U.S. is engaged in a war on terror against Radical Islam. It seems clear something is missing so far as the president’s foreign policy is concerned.

The IRS targeting of conservative group is another totally unacceptable scandal and remains as yet another example of inept leadership. Or was it all planned? Who knows how high the circle of responsibility will reach.

The country is drifting, with little if any perceived direction from Washington. The administration is floundering. There is no cooperation with or dialogue with Congress. Foreign policy is non-existent. All of this is a direct result of electing someone with no prior experience at leadership. It is a basic flaw in the political system.

Copyright 2013. Arnold G. Regardie. All rights reserved.

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