A Common Sense Approach To Immigration Issues

I consider myself a political moderate, although some may disagree. That is to say, I usually avoid siding with the far right or the far left on given issues. Overall I try to walk the middle of the road. I do consider myself conservative when it comes to national defense matters. This may well be a carry over from the long past days I spent as a federal prosecutor. On the other hand I also favor pro choice on abortion, with some restrictions. So, it matters not to me how the media would label me, if the media cared. Thus, the views I express below reflect how I feel about immigration without regard to any label which may be affixed to me. I call my approach just being practical without regard to whether it would be called conservative or liberal.

The immigrants who are here, even if they got here illegally, should remain here because there is no practicable way these people can be deported. But this conclusion is subject to certain caveats.

First, those who are presently here must be, and remain, gainfully and legally employed and pay their taxes. Second, no one can stay who has a criminal background. Third, all who stay must undertake to become U.S. citizens. Fourth, all must speak English or learn how. Health care benefits and conditional driving privileges should only be available to those who meet these standards.

That is not to say that the border should not be enforced. It must be. Border security is paramount. But it makes sense to make it easier for highly skilled people to come into the country.

Copyright 2013. Arnold G. Regardie. All rights reserved.

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