The Unaffordable Affordable Care Act

Yesterday the House of Representatives voted to delay implementation of the employer mandated portion of the AFA. There is no legal authority for the House to do this because there is no legal authority for splitting the employer mandate portion from the individual mandate portion. Such a severing is not provided for in the Act and hence the House vote is of no legal consequence. But the vote was supported by many democrats, which signifies how support for the Act is eroding even among those who favored it originally. But the individual mandate continues, which only means the administration is trying to hook in as many individuals as possible to this unpopular law. The President has also decided to suspend the employer mandate, likewise without legal authority to do so.

Moreover the President is losing support from labor unions, which formerly provided his “army” of support. This is because companies are loathe to hire full-time employees that will put them over the thresh hold limit of fifty, who must be covered under the act or else the employer can face crippling monetary penalties for each employee not covered. So, the country is heading toward a work force of part-timers, which the unions don’t like and which does little if anything to improve the country’s sagging economy. Further, it is difficult to understand how this state of affairs can do anything to control rising health care costs.

This act is a monstrosity. Those in Congress who voted for it without reading it and fully understanding its consequences and implications, financial and otherwise, deserve to be recalled.

Copyright 2013. Arnold G. Regardie. All rights reserved.

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