Clear Writing For Profit Requires Strong, Well-Knit Paragraphs

It is axiomatic that well constructed paragraphs are the foundation for clear writing.  The effectiveness of any writing depends on how well you have constructed your paragraphs.  But, the overriding question remains,  once you have attained clear writing skills, how can you use those skills to make any money?

I recently received an email from a well known copywriter, Robert Bly.  He claims that writing direct response sales letters for the health products industry is one of the highest paying niches in the copyrighting field.

Recent blogs on my site have featured illustrations of the use of paragraphing to describe real-life events.  Three weeks ago I used descriptive paragraphing to describe a major Civil War battle, Gettysburg.  The next week, it was used to describe the impact of the 1849 discovery of gold in California on today’s world monetary affairs.  Today’s blog takes a different tack. In order to demonstrate how clear writing techniques may be used in the nutritional products field, I have written a proposed sales letter which combines narrative paragraphing with descriptive paragraphing to describe a make-believe health product I’ve called Super Elixir.  Some of this information also appears in my book, “The Art of Clear Writing,” available on in Kindle Books and in print.  Here it is.

[This is a fictitious case study using a fictitious health product and a fictitious consumer. It features a make-believe interview with a fictitious doctor named Dr. Martin Zhou.  Any similarity to actual events, products, organizations, or people, is purely coincidental.  It is taken from an essay I wrote as part of a writing course I studied some time ago.]


If you believe that you can attain the life form you want through good nutrition, I have a product is for you.  It is a vitamin supplement unlike any other.  Its use will eliminate the need to choose from the staggering array of vitamin supplements on the market.  It’s called Super Elixir.

For thousands of years, ancient healers have believed that forces exist within the human body which can direct and control the course of any life.  They also believed that the life forces which swirled through every human body could be nurtured and enhanced by good nutrition.  Ancient healing gods focused on the concept of a mind-body relationship, that mind and body are a unity, and to affect one affects the other.  A strong belief in good health was therefore deemed essential.

If you believe you can achieve the life form you want through good nutrition this product is for you.  It is a unique vitamin supplement which will supercharge your vitamin regimen unlike any other.  It will streamline efforts to balance the staggering array of vitamin supplements available on the market against your particular needs.  The art of natural healing is a skill acquired by experience, study, and observation. This supplement gives you the benefits of the natural healing discovery made by Dr. Martin Zhou, as explained below.  It includes assessing your needs, evaluating the merits of taking a vitamin supplement and, most importantly, understanding how to choose them.

What can you do BEFORE THE DOCTOR COMETH to ward off disease?  Early intervention before any symptoms appear is essential to mental and physical well being.  It is possible to become skillful in the pursuit of good nutrition.  If you believe you can achieve and maintain good health by selecting the right nutritional supplement, then please read on.

“Hello.  My name is Dr. Martin Zhou.  My discovery can be your discovery.  Do you believe in natural healing?  I do.  I came across a natural healing supplement while on sabbatical in a small town near Shanghai a few years ago.  I bought the rights to it and renamed it Super Elixir.  It’s the most beneficial health product I ever used.”

Dr. Martin Zhou should know.  He’s a medical doctor and an internationally acclaimed nutrition specialist.  He stumbled on Super Elixir, a health supplement developed and marketed by a small, local Shanghai company.  He was motivated to pursue the benefits of this natural healing product, a form of traditional Chinese medicine,  instead of following the precepts of conventional medicine after seeing his father, once healthy and robust, become listless, sluggish, and apathetic.  Dr. Zhou attributed the decline in his father’s mental and physical health to the damaging effects of his diet.  After that, he resolved to pursue other healing options.

The benefits of natural healing were accidentally discovered by Dr. Zhou after a long search for effective nutritional supplements.  Dr. Zhou had believed in the mind-body relationship, as held by ancient healers, that mind and body are a unity, and to affect one affects the other.  A strong belief in good health was deemed essential to this relationship.

Super Elixir is not voodoo, black magic, or snake oil, but a studied, intelligent approach to good nutrition.  It uses superb ingredients to enhance the body’s natural focus on disease prevention and attainment of optimum health. It is not a food supplement, but if you’re not eating enough healthy foods including a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, lean meats, poultry, and fish, you likely need a food supplement.  Also, those of you in weight training if you’re an athlete, dancer, or similar type with resultant dietary imbalance, would be good candidates for Super Elixir.

That’s it for the make-believe case study.  There’s much more, however, that could be written about any health supplement if you really put your mind to it.  But, this will give you some idea of what can be done.

Copyright © 2013.  Arnold G. Regardie.  All rights reserved.

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