Writing For A Charitable Cause Can Be Personally Satisfying – And Economically Worthwhile

Those of you who have been following my blog site know that it has been and is devoted to clear writing since it began last January.  Some of the blogs have deviated a little from lessons expressly devoted to clear writing, to discuss them in the context of history or politics.  However, the overall direction has not swayed from the main purpose of the site – to help those readers who want to improve their writing and are willing to spend the time and effort to do it.

I have also continuously emphasized the point that it’s never too late to get started.   One incentive to develop your writing skills is to write for a charitable cause.  You can always find causes to promote – all you have to do is look around.  The super market will have notices, as will other large retail stores.  Friends, family, business contacts will all have ideas for causes to promote and how to promote them.  Also, online searches can be a prolific source of leads for causes.  With a little digging, you can find out what campaigns are available and what their writing needs are.

Using your writing skills to promote your favorite charitable cause is personally satisfying.  By participating in a promotional campaign you can be helping to raise money for a cause you really care about.  You can make a difference in the world.  Whether the cause is world hunger, poverty, education, health, the environment, or any other worthwhile cause, the personal rewards will be enormous.  It’s a unique chance to support a charity in which you believe.  To do this, of course, you must master the art of persuasion, selling with words.  Excellent content is the key.  It comes with practice, as I wrote last week.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can also be used to create a following of dedicated supporters who will help to spread the word about the cause.

In addition, importantly, participation in a cause campaign will be economically rewarding to the extent it increases sales for the business you are promoting.  Many companies, large and small, have campaigns already established that donate money to various charitable causes.  Often these campaigns involve a partnership between a business and a non-profit organization.  There are mutual rewards in such a relationship including public recognition for the non-profit and improved reputation for the business.

All of this brings me to the main subject of this blog.  If your writing skills are substandard and cause you to shy away from getting involved in any project where writing is needed, then it’s time to shape up your writing.  My eBook, “The Art of Clear Writing,” will help you do just that.  It is featured on my website, http://www.agregardie.com, and is available for purchase on amazon.com/kindlebooks but can be previewed free of charge.  The eBook contains tried and tested writing guidelines and techniques and, among other things, encourages the development of confidence in your writing as a beginning step.  It also teaches preparation and organization as the bedrock for clear writing.

As a reminder, as I said last week, I will donate $1.00 of every sale of “The Art of Clear Writing,” until the end of this month to the Red Cross – Disaster Relief Fund.

Copyright © 2012. Arnold G. Regardie.  All rights reserved.

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