Kudos For Clint.

By now many people have seen Clint Eastwood’s video ad about “halftime” for America.  His video hits the nail on the head.  It is indeed time for America to get moving in the “second half.”

And you can do your part.

You can help the comeback, particularly if you’re out of work, stymied in your present job, or just in a rut.  One way you can help is to improve your writing skills.  If you’re one of those who lament that “I can’t write,” learn to harness the power of the written word.  Even if writing is not your strong suit, you can still learn and significantly improve your writing ability.

Language is more important in today’s world than ever before.  If you can’t communicate well you face an uphill battle to get ahead.  You can prepare yourself to be part of America’s second half by learning to write clearly.  Be ready to take advantage of job opportunities or for job advancement.  The written word can help you – learn to use it.  Remember:  good writing sells itself, and you.

Finally, bear in mind the impact that good writing can have.  Even as far back as early 1776, Thomas Paine’s little pamphlet, Common Sense, which argued for independence of the American colonies from the British Crown because it made good sense to do so, had a wide ranging impact on the colonists.  It became a runaway best seller with over 100,000 copies in circulation, and played no small part in the emotional run-up to the American Revolution.

There is no time like the present to improve your writing skills.  Establish yourself as a good writer and be better prepared to take advantage of all  opportunities.

Copyright 2012 Arnold G. Regardie.  All rights reserved.

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