Overcoming the first writing obstacle: self doubt.

Many people don’t write well because they don’t believe they can.  They have no confidence in their writing.  It’s a personal lament that you hear all too often , i.e.,  “I can’t write.”   Well, that’s wrong.  You can write – you just have to work at it.

Writing is a form of salesmanship because you are selling yourself through your writing.  But you must develop confidence in your writing to be successful at it.  To develop that confidence you must practice your writing.  Write every day.  The more you write the better your writing will become.  Also read extensively to learn effective word associations as accomplished by experienced writers and to learn new words and how they are used.

It’s a basic sales truism that people will buy from you if they trust you.  That truism applies to writing as well.   Whatever your purpose in writing may be, whether applying for a job,  selling a product or service, or describing a favorite resort,  your reader must trust you for your writing to be successful.  This trust will depend on respect and credibility.  Attracting and keeping that trust can be achieved if you dedicate yourself to improving your writing skills.

Where do you start?  Begin with a positive attitude.  Clear writing depends to a large extent on the power of belief, belief that comes from having confidence in your writing.  When you have that confidence it will show – the reader can see it.  To obtain confidence you must master what can best be described as the “inner game” of writing, overcoming mental blocks to clear writing.  As with other challenges in life, you must develop the right mental attitude.  You can’t write clearly if you are nagged by self doubt and anxiety about your writing.  Perseverence and determ,ination are key elements.

Arnold G. Regardie, copyright 2012, all rights reserved.

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